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I'll teach you simple, beneficial workouts to keep you fit and feeling your best.

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You've found Shawn R Training. Settle in, but get ready to move. I'm Shawn Raymond, and I'm not just a Leduc fitness trainer. I'm a friend who wants to help you succeed.

I'm incredibly passionate about the people I work with. I'll happily rocketship out of bed to coach you through a pre-sunrise workout. I'll push your confidence when it's in the dumps, and celebrate your victories with my famous high fives. I'll pump you up when you think your journey is physically impossible, and when you say, "I can do this," I'll echo right back: Yes, you can.

Together, we'll get the results you want. Those results could be as simple as "getting healthy," or as complex as completing a triathalon by summertime. I can help you lose weight, or increase muslce mass. With a recipe including lots of excercise science theory, a pinch of ingenuity, a whole lot of expertise, and a handful of your personal goals, I'll help you become your healthiest whole self.


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